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Through The Years

Baby SirPatrick
  (9 Months Old)

Ok now, everybody with me... awwwww, how cute.
Toddler SirPatrick
  (3 Years Old)

Look at this fine looking young boy.

Oh, gotta love that collar on the fleece-like sweater.
  (First Grade)

I needed somebody other than my grandpa to cut my hair back then.
  (Second Grade)

Three words: The Incredible HULK!
  (Third Grade)

Ok, I really needed a new barber.
  (Fourth Grade)

Wow, check out those choppers. Now I can see why I needed braces.
  (Fifth Grade)

Hair again. What's up with it this time. I've got enough extra hair on the right side to hide a chipmunk. Alvin... Simon... Theodore... are you in there?
  (Sixth Grade)

Wow, now that is bad timing by the photographer catching me just before I really smile. It looks like I'm trying to hold it back. So far The Hulk picture is my fav.
  (Seventh Grade)

Ah, there's those braces I needed, and there is just something special about those suspenders.
  (Seventh Grade Football)

I think I was a little small to be a lineman.
  (Eighth Grade)

Finally I'm doing something different with that hair. Sure it's the wet look, but I think it's an improvement. However, I sure didn't dress up for picture day. Nice t-shirt buddy.
  (HS Freshman)

The braces are gone, the glasses are here. I think I should have gotten a darker tint and went for the Ray Charles look. What do you think?

Hey, at least the t-shirt is black this time.
  (HS Freshman Baseball)

I am much better ball player than I look like here.
  (HS Sophmore)

I think the vision store gave me Andre the Giant's glasses. Do they make glasses any bigger? And what's with the brown tint. What was I thinking?
  (HS Sophmore Baseball)

I don't even know what to say about this one.
  (HS Junior)

Finally I'm catching on. The glasses are a little better, I think there is still tint but you can't really tell and that's good. Another hair change, but I think I forgot to comb it.
  (HS Senior)

Well I guess I had to comb my hair for these pictures. I mean I had to schedule an appointment and all, so I was prepared.

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