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Why SirPatrick?

   I can imagine some people wonder why I chose the domain name sirpatrick.com. I'm sure to some it seems like a self-righteous thing to do, but it's really not that at all. Here's the story behind the name SirPatrick.

   Several years ago a very good friend of mine, somewhat out of the blue, started calling me SirPatrick. Perhaps it was his silly way of showing me respect, or maybe it was just fun for him to say... after all it does kind of roll off the tongue. Well, you could say that the nickname stuck at least with him (no one else called me that at the time).

   Fast-forward a few years... I had taught myself how to build web sites and I was looking to start my own personal web site and I was trying to come up with a meaningful domain name. I wanted something that resembled my name, easy to say and easy to remember... and almost everything seemed to be taken at the time. After hours and hours of contemplation and searching domain names on register.com; SirPatrick came to mind. After a quick search I found the .com was available and in the next moment I purchased the name.

   Now SirPatrick has become a nickname that is used more and more often and to be honest, it's pretty fun. There's always a little chuckle when I tell someone the URL for my web site. Why SirPatrick? Now you know, and knowing is half the battle! :)

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