Welcome to SirPatrick.com, the home webspace of Patrick J. Frank. You will find christian inspirational poetry, online and in book form (Reflection of Glory) and many other useful tools here.
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Why SirPatrick?
The featured spots pretty much cover the highlights of what you'll find here @ SirPatrick.com, but I guess I really should have some page content for the main home page :P

Really the truth here is that I don't update this site daily, weekly or anything regular like that. Your best bet at anything current is to check out one of my blogs ;)

Even with the previous thought, you will find quite a lot stuff here. Hopefully, you'll see that I do a little bit of writing; poetry, movie thoughts, general blogging, etc... (I've even published a poetry book) Then there's the business side of things where I code by day for my 9 to 5er and code by night just for fun and a little extra $$$. I have a few examples too look @ if you like.

There are a few extra nuggets like my childhood timeline with photos of me through my early years. Care to read through the Bible in a year? Well, I have an online calendar to follow.

Other than that... just poke around and see what you find!

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